Decorative Candles For Christmas

Decorative Candles For ChristmasIt is estimated that the good old candles that we continue to use even today must have made its appearance around 5000 years ago. Though they were primarily used for the purpose of making life bright during the nights, over the past many centuries they have well and truly evolved. Today, it is quite common to see them being used for various other purposes too. In this article we will see how they can go a long way in giving a new look to the entire room or the arena where they are used. If you are keen on giving a new accent to your room it is quite likely that they could play a big role.

Sweet Smelling Candles

Today it is quite common to come across these lighting devices which are also used to make the entire room sweet smelling. There are quite a few candles which could be used for adding a touch of fragrance to the entire area. Hence they are very much in demand during marriages, birthday events and also for corporate meetings.

Specially Designed Ones

It also would be pertinent to mention here that there are specially designed candles which give out special aroma which could also aid in sleeping. Therefore instead of using drugs like Somatomax it would not be a bad idea to try out these special natural lighting devices. They come in different flavors and therefore one could choose the one that meets specific taste buds and requirements.

When it comes to buying these simple lighting apparatuses, there is hardly any doubt that the internet is the best choice. Countries like India and China are famous for having a wide and big collection of candles. They are available in different sizes, shapes, colors and are extremely cost effective when compared to the ones that are available locally.

Types of Candles Used In Luxury Hotels

Types of Candles Used In Luxury HotelsMost of the luxury hotels all over the world use different tactics to draw attention of their guests like perfumes and candles in their lobbies and rooms. They use these accessories to create romantic environment especially for the new honeymoon couples and for the people on leisure trips. In fact candles are used for the lighting purpose but for creating a pleasant situation for them. When a chef with chef coats short sleeve appears with a glowing candle in his hand he creates a perfect situation for photography.

Various types of candles used in most of the luxury hotels for this purpose may include:

Floating Candles: These candles are designed in different realistic shapes to float on water very smoothly.

Pillar Candles: These self standing candles in various typical shapes including round, rectangular, square, hexagonal and other shapes are solid in appearance and give light for longer time.

Tapers Candles: They are also known as diners candles as they are normally used to create romantic environment on the dining table.

Votive Candles: These candles are usually found in cylindrical or square shape and burnt safely in a heat resistant small glass container to control its flowing wax.

Tealight Candles: These candles are casted in small cylindrical metal containers and are used to keep the food warm.

Gel Candles: The transparent candles of this type are produced from gelled hydrocarbons or mineral oils and are usually poured into the containers of various shapes to give unique look.

Liquid Candles: These small candles are normally used as disposable oil lamps but they burn more efficiently than other candles.

Specialty Candles: These candles are found in various imaginary shapes and are normally used for decorative purposes.

Thus, various types of candles are used by various luxury hotels to attract their guests just like a chef with chef coats short sleeves can do.

Why Jar Candles Are An Excellent Way To Use Your Old Jars

If you’re looking for a nice way to add some color and beneficial aromas to your home for a rock bottom value, you should check into making some jar candles.  They are easy to make, or inexpensive to buy, you can get them in lots of scents, then decorate the jars yourself, if you want to. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to make your own and save a lot of money in the process.

If You Have The Jars Already You’re Half Way Therefore

First thing you’ll want to do is round up all of the jars you can find in your home. Then check with friends, neighbors, relatives or anyone else and get their jars too. Small to medium sized jars work best, but you can work with nearly any size.

Why Jar Candles Are An Excellent Way To Use Your Old JarsBuy some wax at the local hobby store, it comes in huge chunks for really cheap prices, and there you can also get some scents, colorings, and even some decorations to use on the jars.  There are so many options, it might be a good idea to pick up a small book showing the possibilities, or you can check the internet images for ideas too.

You then melt the wax, use a double boiler pan if you have one, add in the colors and scents, then fill the jars putting a wick in each one.  It’s not all that hard, and once you get the hang of it you’ll be a pro.  Follow the instructions on the packages of scents and colorings for the amounts of each to use as they do vary by brand.  After your jars have cooled you’re ready to decorate the outsides of the jars.

Jar candles are some of the easiest candles to make, they’re cheap, last almost forever, plus they’re safer because they keep the hot wax and flame contained inside. If you keep the lid on when you aren’t using them the scent will last for a few years each time you turn out the lights and burn a romantic candle.

Jar Candles As Decor Or Gifts

Jar Candles As Decor Or GiftsWhether you are looking for something nice to add to a side table or a counter top in your home or you need to buy a gift for someone special, you are going to find that there is often nothing better than jar candles. These candles are both beautiful and you can buy them in a wide variety of scents to match a favorite smell, a memory, the event at hand or even the season that is upon you. Whether you have a birthday to shop for, a housewarming, graduation or you simply want to buy a gift to let someone know that you are thinking of them, the right jar candle can be just the thing.

Do you happen to have a special holiday in mind that you are shopping for? When you are getting your home ready for the holidays, all of the details are going to come together nicely when you have the addition of a strategically placed jar candle. Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Summer, Fall and more are all perfect holidays and seasons to shop for the right candle to be placed amidst your decor.

Are you unsure of a gift to get for a Secret Santa at work or do you want to get something nice for your child’s teacher? Jar candles really do make a nice and welcomed gift for just about anyone on your shopping list. To make these candles even more versatile, you can buy options that have several scents layered into one jar and you can even mix and match smaller jars to put together a trio or basket style gift. Whether you buy them to have on hand as gifts to give or you even want a few candles around your home in case of an emergency, jar style candles are always the perfect option.

How To Make The Most Of Jar Candles

How To Make The Most Of Jar CandlesJar candles are a fantastic way to enhance your home. Not only do they give off soft, flickering light, but they are also usually scented with heavenly aromas that make your house feel warm and inviting.

Unfortunately, however, these candles can be expensive. Because of this, it is important to get the most possible use out of each candle that you buy. The following tips will help you make the most of each candle that you burn, allowing you to get your money’s worth each and every time:

1. If the candle wick gets damage or the candle won’t light, you can place it in a pan of simmering water on your stove to melt the wax. This will give off the same scent as the candle.

2. If you have several different candles that have burnt low, you can combine them into one new candle. Start by melting all of the wax in each of the jars. You can use the same technique as above, setting the candles in a pan of water on a burner on low until the wax has melted. Take one of the old candles and cut a piece of wick that is long enough to reach the top of the jar. Pour the wax from the other candles into the jar until it is full to the top. Allow the wax to cool and harden. When you are done, you should have a brand new candle that you made from your old scraps.

3. Once the candles have burned completely, use the empty jars to store small items like push pins or paperclips. Larger jars can be used as drinking glasses or vases. Just be sure to thoroughly clean the jars to remove any traces of wax.

These are just a few ways that you can get your money’s worth out of jar candles.